MC2100 PWM Controller Schematic

Just a quick update. I haven’t finished the permanent driver board, but thought I’d upload a better version of the schematic. I’m currently trying to decide if I’ve messed up the MC-2100, or if my soldering just sucks. At this point, I’m getting the motor to come on, but not consistently like it was with my breadboarded circuit. The indicator LED will flash 5 or six times, and the motor starts turning, then the LED goes back solid like it’s not getting signal, and the motor slows back down. I’ve had a couple of occasions where the motor will run up to full speed, so it’s at least close. I can at least confirm that this circuit worked on the breadboard, as shown in the previous post.

Schematic of PWM Driver

I also wanted to post a few of the relevant files I’ve found pertaining to the MC2100.

Here’s the document that describes how the controller is interfaced with the treadmill, and the function of each pin of HD2 on the MC2100.  This is essentially the same file that James linked to in the comments on my previous post.

The following file has been extremely helpful in troubleshooting the MC2100 itself as I’ve messed it up along the way.  The file was provided by a member of the Home Shop Machinist forums in this thread.

Reverse Engineered Schematic


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