MC2100 Dashboard Replacement Control Circuit Update

This is another quick update on the MC-2100 PWM controller project. I’ve tweaked the schematic a bit to put the 5v regulator at the beginning of the circuit, which I think is a better configuration. This circuit is currently on a breadboard, and worked great until the connections in the breadboard started wearing out (around a month of occasional use, including our paintball gun build day). Here’s the latest (and probably final) revision:

MC-2100 PWM Controller Circuit v4

When I started this project, I wanted to get this circuit working without a microcontroller for the sake of education and simplicity. At this point, I’m comfortable with calling that goal achieved. Now it’s time to move on to more features, like a tachometer and possibly closed loop control!

My current direction with this project is to develop a combined tachometer/speed control for the MC-2100 and my lathe. I plan to use an arduino to measure speed, display the speed via 4 digit 7 Segment modules (salvaged from the treadmill control panel), and send the PWM signal to the MC-2100. At this point, Joe and I have a working version of the code put together, and the circuit prototyped on a breadboard. I’ll update with progress once we’ve got something more final.